Moulded Miniature Dolls


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About This Course

 Learn how to create your very own Moulded miniature dolls.

In this class, you will learn how to use a variety of techniques to create multiple miniature dolls and stunning accessories to personalize them.

The techniques you’ll learn are perfect to apply to other crafts, such as card making and journaling. 

We will explore the hand making skill of moulding fabrics, dyeing ribbon and forming flowers. 

You will be taught, step by step how to create these lovely paper dolls. Enjoy the luxury of going at your own speed in this self paced course. Have fun, play and relax into your craft!

Details of Course:

  • Lessons: 14, all available in the course website for you to move through at your own pace.
  • Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes of video lesson content
  • Downloads:¬†
    1 sheet of digital imagery, including wings and banners.
    3 sheets of vintage women and children photos for paper doll use. 
  • ¬†Course Community
  • $28 Course Fee¬†
  • Instructor:¬†Nina DeLeo
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Techniques You Will Learn In This Course:

  • Create moulded shapes with fabric
  • Distress banners and digital ephemera
  • Dye ribbon and flower accessories
  • Tag making techniques
  • Decorative use of glitter and paint
  • Accentuating your creations with wings and flowers
  • Assembly of clothed paper dolls
  • Petticoat creation
  • How to age paper
  • Create your own fabric using rubber stamps

Why This Course?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to just play like a little girl? 

Life gets weary, hard and grown up! Give yourself the gift of play, freedom and creation with this beautiful course. 

You'll walk with a new perspective on who God is moulding you to be, techniques to strengthen your artistic abilities and gorgeous paper dolls to keep, decorate with and share. 

Just image how light you'd feel if you could sit steeped in the memory of childhood, innocents and the care-free world of your youth - even if it's just for a few hours. 

This course is the perfect vehicle to drive you back in time and let your heart soar while you play and create. 

Begin Creating Now:

Moulded Miniature Dolls


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Start today and...

Learn creative skills you can apply to other fun projects. 

Feel like a child again.

Ponder on who God is moulding you to be. 

Create stunning dolls to give or use as decor in your home.

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