Word Study Journal Creation Course


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About This Course

Create a stunning junk journal to record all you learn as you research and dig to find what different words and phrases mean for you biblically. 
Unlock your creativity and deepen your Bible study experience with our hands-on course. This course is designed for individuals looking to combine their love of art and scripture in a meaningful way.
These journals will become a cherished space to record your word studies, reflections, and insights from your independent Bible study. 

Details of Course:

  • Instant Access¬†
  • Lessons: 18, all available in the course website for you to move through at your own pace.
  • Approximately 2.5 hours of video lesson content
  • Downloads:
    • One Sheet of verbiage, banners and frames
    • Two digital vintage paper designs
    • Two sheets of digital paper and imagery for the inside covers of your journal
  • ¬†Course Community
  • $35 Course Fee¬†
  • Instructor: Kim Pepper
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In This Course You Will Learn:

  • How to study the Bible on your own.
  • How to bring creativity into your spiritual studies.¬†
  • How to get quiet and work through specific words with God.
  • Basic Mixed media art
  • How to create and bind signatures from scraps, miscellaneous, vintage and new papers
  • How to create your own journal cover
  • Journal assembly
  • How to age paper
  • How to make your own stamps
  • Various writing tools and techniques
  • Tag making
  • "Glass" tissue creation
  • How to prep any paper for journal readiness
  • You'll be given digital papers and ephemera available only in this course to aid your¬†studies

Why This Course?


Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about something you've been feeling or thinking?

Do you ever get a word stuck on repeat in your head?

Do you want to know how to research for yourself, but aren't sure where to start?

Does your quiet time feel stagnant or non-existent? 

I have felt all those things, and still struggle with a few of them! 

I created this course because it was something I needed and it helped me. I know it will help you too.

Let me walk you through how to work on word studies and gain insight into what the Bible says to YOU. Incorporating word study into your faith journey will help you sort out pressing thoughts weighing on your heart.

It's not enough to talk it out with a friend, read a book or listen to a podcast about the things circling around in your heart and mind. You need to learn to work through your questions on your own and Biblically. 

It's life changing! 

When I hit a drought or dry spell in my quiet time, I know it's time to change things up. My creativity is always waiting to be invited into my faith life. This journal is the perfect project to  liven up your spiritual journey. 

You'll learn how to create a gorgeous junk journal from scratch, fun techniques to make your journal your own style and tips on how to accomplish a word study. 

Begin Creating Now:

Word Study Journal Creation Course


Access Begins June 19th, 2024


Start today and...

 Create a book of knowledge for yourself to reference and future generations to learn from.

Breath fresh life into your quiet time. 

Learn the basics of journal creation.

Learn how to do Biblical research on your own. 

Gain confidence in what God is saying to YOU. 

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Start today and inject your creativity into your quiet time. 

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