Name Above All Names:

Junk Journal God's Names From A to Z


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About This Course

Join me on an artistic adventure of junk journaling, where we'll transform an ordinary address book into a meaningful and creative faith art journal.
This course will teach you new techniques for transforming plain paper into artwork, connecting your creativity to your faith, exploring mixed media, and using supplies that you might already have lying around unused.
As we explore over 26 artistic faith expressions, I encourage you to use what you have on hand and allow your personal style to develop and evolve over the course of this journal's completion.
You'll find the process to be the perfect way to get still before the Lord, meditating on who He is, the names He answers to, and how and when you can call on Him.
Prompted by the old phrase, "GO TO THE THRONE, NOT THE PHONE," I created this course as a real-life phonebook of who to call on in times of need.
No matter your artistic skill level, you will be guided through all the techniques needed to create a one-of-a-kind, personal address book filled with the names of God, revealing who He is to YOU!


Details of Course:

  • Instant Course Access
  • Lessons: 25, all available in the course website for you to move through at your own pace.
  • Approximately 4 hours of video lesson content
  • Downloads:
    2 sheets of digital imagery (only available in this course, created specifically for this journal)
    2 worksheets for brainstorming and creating your word list
    2 viewfinders for composition
  • ¬†Course Community
  • $35 Course Fee¬†
  • Instructor: Kim Pepper

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • How to mix your faith and creativity
  • Direction on how to brainstorm and research who God is to you
  • How to mix old and new materials for a cohesive style
  • Visualize unseen characteristics
  • Tips on organization, storage and workspace
  • How to create a color palette
  • Introduction to mixed media art
  • Basic composition
  • Tips and prompts to get un-stuck
  • How to create your own unique papers for journaling
  • You'll be given digital ephemera available only in this course to aid your journey
  • Image transfer
  • Decoupage
  • Sewing paper
  • How to age paper
  • How to create waxed papers and ephemera
  • India Ink writing
  • Mark Making
  • Pockets and tags
  • How to add pages to a journal
  • This course also includes digital download imagery for you to use. It will assist you in creating your own ephemera.

Why This Course?

Ever found yourself intrigued by the buzz around junk journaling or the broader world of artistic journaling? You're not alone. 
I've often marveled at the stunning journals others create, thinking, "That looks amazing, but I could never pull it off. And even if I did, what's the point?" What exactly is junk journaling? What's its purpose? How do you start? And how do you even begin to craft something that seems so intricate and abstract?
Through my journey, I've discovered that blending faith with any endeavor can spark a beautiful transformation, bringing clarity and purpose. This course is my way of weaving worship into creativity. 
I've carefully curated the techniques, lessons, and examples to kickstart your journey into junk journaling, ensuring each piece is imbued with profound significance.
It's more than just art; it's about giving your creativity a purpose. 
Throughout this class, I'll tackle all these questions and beyond. By the end, you'll not only know how to begin and complete a meaningful journal but also what to do with it afterward. Plus, I'll equip you with techniques you can take into future projects. 
So, why not join me? Let's have some fun praising the Lord with our creativity!


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